The Envoy

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In 1841, Sir Henry Pottinger was sent by the British to represent the country in government dealings with China. It was for the purpose of country and trade which he travelled to the deep natural harbour of Hong Kong as the designated envoy. Upon the victory at Humen, the first opium war ended with the Treaty of Nanking, and Sir Henry Pottinger was made the first Governor of Hong Kong, and went on to establish the island as a major trading port for merchants around the world.

Tea has been an eminent drink for many millennia, having spread slowly from its Asian roots to the far corners of Europe through the trading ships of the Dutch and Portuguese. The British saw an opportunity in the business of tea, and embraced the brew so closely that it became an integral part of the people’s culture. Before long, all of fashionable society was sipping tea and nibbling on a variety of gourmet delicacies in the middle of the afternoon.

Had it not been for the grandeur of ships and harbours, the great teas from India and China would not have gained the large following of connoisseurs, not to mention teas from other nations.

Now, it is this combination of sails and leaves that inspires The Envoy, the addition to a string of successful venues by local mixologist Antonio Lai. This time, he partners with mixologist Amanda wan to develop a menu of beautiful cocktails focusing on tea and its essence, married with Antonio’s signature multisensory influences for the thirsty traveller.

Paying tribute to Sir Henry Pottinger, The Envoy is located on the 3rd floor of The Pottinger Hong Kong, a boutique hotel on Pottinger Street, at the intersection to Stanley Street. The Envoy encompasses both an indoor and outdoor area, where a retreat from the city can be found to savour. be delighted by lunch, evening meals and afternoon high tea on the weekends.